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Rumenco will launch an innovative new mineral supplement for high performing dry
and transition dairy cows at the 2010 Dairy Event and Livestock Show (DELS).

According to the company, Lifeline Pre-Calver Dairy Mineral reduces the risk of
cow metabolic problems and promotes easier calvings, better colostrum quality and
more lively calves. Improved udder health, heightened immune function for cow and
calf and better breed back are additional significant benefits from the new product.

“This new high specification mineral has been formulated specifically for dry
cows and heifers from six weeks pre-calving. It contains a unique range of feed
additives, minerals, vitamins and trace elements all in one easy-to-feed supplement
available at a cost of only 25p/cow/day,” explains Rumenco nutritionist Dr Alison

Drawing on Rumenco’s extensive experience of feeding transitional cattle and
sheep, Lifeline Pre-Calver Dairy Mineral incorporates significant nutritional boosters
such as mannan oligosaccharides. These special feed additives boost immune
function in calves by increasing cow colostrum IgG content.

“These nutritional boosters are vital for healthy, thriving calves and are
especially beneficial to heifer offspring as the colostrum from their first calving
mothers’ can be of particularly poor quality,” Dr Bond points out.

The new mineral also includes XP yeast culture, which has a buffering effect on
the cow’s rumen to help with the dietary changes around calving time. XP yeast
culture also helps reduce digestive and metabolic upsets. This helps to overcome
negative energy balance straight after calving by restoring higher dry matter intake
as quickly as possible, Rumenco says.

The comprehensive nutritional package is completed with the addition of a
blend of organic selenium and high vitamin E levels for calf vitality and fewer retained
placentas; multiple copper sources to promote better cow fertility and to combat key
mineral ‘lock-up’ problems; and extra magnesium to assist in the mobilisation of
calcium at parturition and ensure powerful muscle function.

Rumenco recommends that Lifeline Pre-Calver Dairy Mineral should be fed
with restricted grass and ad lib straw, mixed with 2kg of cereal at 10% inclusion. For
housed dry cows feed a maximum of 7kg DM of grass or maize silage and 5Kg DM
straw, plus 200g/day of the new mineral as a total mixed ration. Alternatively, topdress
the new mineral directly onto forage at the recommended feeding rate.

The new Lifeline Pre-Calver Dairy Mineral is available from selected merchant
stockists. For further information visit the Rumenco DELS stand in the Feeds &
Forage zone or call FREEPHONE 0800 833 675.

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