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Unique nutritional product to launch at NSA Event

Rumenco will be launching an innovative, new nutritional product designed to help support the performance of grazing livestock while complementing existing, effective worm management programmes, at this year’s NSA Welsh Sheep event.

The risk of performance loses in cattle and sheep is a real threat with anthelmintic resistance becoming an increasing challenge when tackling on-farm parasite issues.  

“Both sub clinical and clinical worm burdens have the potential to have big knock on effects to cash flow.

“Rumenco has introduced CleanSweep to their product portfolio. This is a bucket with a unique formulation that supports existing worm control programmes,” says Mr Thornton.

On-farm research, supported by Rumenco, has shown that lambs receiving supplementation, as part of a forage based diet, had lower faecal egg counts; significantly better daily live weight gains; cleaner fleeces; and less foot problems, compared to lambs fed a control diet.

“The results from the research are very significant. CleanSweep is an exciting addition to Rumenco’s growing nutritional health support range, which is well timed to be launched at the NSA Welsh Sheep event. 

“CleanSweep is designed to complement existing, strategic parasite control programmes in cattle and sheep over the summer grazing season.

“I’d recommend offering the buckets ad lib, at a ratio of one bucket per 10 to 15 head of cattle, or 35 sheep,” says Mr Thornton.