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All round benefit for gator competition winners

A John Deere gator is a welcome addition for one busy farming family who entered Rumenco’s prize-draw competition. 

Elaine and Colin Maxwell farm at Druidhall, Thornhill in Dumfries, where they run a flock of Scottish Blackface and North Cheviot ewes on the hill, and Scotch Mule and Texel cross ewes in the parks. 

They also manage three beef units within the family made up of predominantly Aberdeen Angus cross cattle. All the young stock, both lambs and calves, are taken through to finishing.

“We saw the answer to the competition, on the Rumenco stand at the NSA Scotsheep event last year,” explains Mr Maxwell. “As soon as we got home my wife entered the competition on-line and here we are now, the proud owners of a new gator.

“The land ranges from 200 feet up to 1,500 feet, so the gator will be put to the test and definitely offer more comfort when we’re taking feed and blocks up to the stock. 

“We’ve always been big users of Rumevite as we know that we can leave the blocks out and they will provide vital nutrition for stock grazing the lower quality pastures.

“But we’ve since learned that there are more products out there from Rumenco that we could be using to our benefit,” says Mr Maxwell.

Ross Sibbald, Rumenco area business manager for South Scotland and North East England, was present when the Maxwell family received the gator. 

“We were able to sit down with Ross and discuss the various types of block nutrition we could be using that will suit our system.

“As a result of considering our options, we will be turning cattle out with the Maxx Mag licks this spring to reduce the risk of grass staggers. We also have the ewes on Lifeline Lamb and Ewe at the moment, so we will wait and see the result of feeding these blocks when we start lambing. 

Mr Sibbald concludes, “It’s great that we have such well-deserved winners of the competition, and I look forward to working closely with the family in the future.”