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Range of mycotoxin solutions now on offer

A new range of mycotoxin binders from Rumenco provides flexible options for dairy farmers to counteract the risk from common toxins in the diet.

Mycotoxins have the ability to significantly impact animal health and productivity, acknowledges Dr Alison Bond, Rumenco’s Commercial Nutritionist. “A high intake of mycotoxins can result in reduced feed intake, causing weight loss and decreased milk productivity.

“It’s important to remember that herds are under different conditions and require a bespoke approach to managing mycotoxins. Establish the herds requirements for a binder, explains Dr Bond. “This will subsequently dictate the correct rate, and crucially the type of mycotoxin binder to be included in the ration to be able to neutralise any negative effects that could potentially result from the release of mycotoxins.

“Nutritional advice for most high yielding herds is to feed a low maintenance level of mycotoxin binder all year round to better prepare the cows for any stresses they are put under.”

Being launched at dairy events this autumn, Rumenco will now offer a wide range of mycotoxin solutions, including Inactyvate Plus, a broad spectrum premium product that is best suited to high stress situations where cows need optimum protection.

Inactyvate is the cost effective solution in the range that is targeted at commercial herds. To feed a maintenance level of Inactyvate, Dr Bond would recommend feeding between 20 to 35g per head per day as part of the ration.

Dr Bond highlights that Rumenco also offer a concentrated mycotoxin binder product. It can be incorporated in bespoke dairy minerals in order to suit custom built rations.

“Testing feed for mycotoxins can often be unpractical and unreliable, so establishing an effective binder solution to manage the threat, can alleviate any potential risks to herd health,” concludes Dr Bond.

For more information on building a bespoke dairy ration and the range of mycotoxins available please email advisory@rumenco.co.uk.