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Rumenco division Nettex will launch a new footbath product at the Livestock Event as part of its developing Progiene dairy hygiene range.

According to Rumenco product manager for dairy hygiene Alison Clark, DigicurTM Footbath is a fast-acting broad-spectrum disinfectant based on glutaraldehyde plus QAC biocides with proven efficacy against known bacterial challenges that can led to hoof disorders.

“Lameness continues to affect 25% of the national dairy herd and with each case costing farmer an average of £171.56 per cow – or £15,000 per 100 cows, which is around a penny for every litre of milk produced – there is significant demand for innovative new management solutions. More so now with antibiotic resistance concerns and the fact that toxic, high in heavy metal traditional footbath products are becoming much less acceptable,” she said.

“In DigicurTM Footbath we believe we have found the perfect non-corrosive disinfectant to meet new market needs. It is free from formalin, copper and other heavy metals and is formulated with high levels of surfactants to ensure hoof cling and penetration to maximise effectiveness. This benefit also means the product performs well for each cow pass through the footbath.

“DigicurTM Footbath can also be used at a low concentration (1% solution), yet still retains activity with high hoof soil loads. And its low pH inhibits bacterial growth, even at low temperatures.”

DigicurTM Footbath is available in 25, 200 and 1000 litre packs from the agricultural merchant trade. It can also be used for sheep.

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