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Rumenco has launched a new ruminant livestock summer pasture supplement to help cattle and sheep producers combat the anticipated and well-reported challenges of the 2013 grazing season.

New 4 in 1 is high in bio-available cobalt, selenium and zinc, but also contains vitamins and natural plant extracts to help improve rumen efficiency.

“This innovative new multi-purpose mineral and vitamin-based supplement has been specifically formulated to help farmers mitigate stressful grazing situations – be these a shortage of grass due to drought or inherent pasture nutrient deficiencies and mineral lock-up problems,” says Rumenco technical manager David Thornton.

“We have also drawn on the research showing the benefits of including plant essential oils for their ability to stimulate a positive rumen fermentation. This in turn allows stock to make best use of what available forage is in front of them.”

The new bucket-based supplement is available in 22.5kg tubs. Rumenco says calves will get through one bucket per month for every 15 head, whereas for older youngstock the same amount will supplement seven cattle every month. A flock of 50 ewes will need two buckets per month.

4 in 1 can be sourced from local agricultural merchant outlets. For further information call 0800 833 675.

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