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Sheep producers concerned about ewe and lamb nutrition because of a shortage of early spring grass are being urged to keep milk on their ewes through the strategic use of feed blocks.

“Farmers are struggling with a lack of grass right across the country at the moment, so much so that we have a surge of calls in recent days asking for advice. And the key point to bear in mind is that if you can see hooves when sheep are grazing, the ewes haven’t got enough to eat,” comments Rumenco technical manager David Thornton.

“Supplementary feeding is appropriate at this time of year if pasture quantity is limiting ewe milk output. And if ewe milk output is being compromised, early lamb growth will be adversely affected too, so it makes sense to act.”

Rumenco says that in situations where farmers are reluctant to trough or ground feed the flock, Rumevite feed blocks offer the perfect supplementary feed solution.

“For example, Rumevite Sheep Super Energy blocks provide both energy and undegradable digestible protein in a very palatable form. This block is specifically formulated to match the soluble protein found in grass. It also has the very valuable benefit that ewes will naturally reduce their intake of the block once the first shoots of spring grass start to appear,” he says.

The company is also reminding producers that Rumevite feed blocks generally work out at around £100 per tonne cheaper than bucket-based supplements delivering the same nutritional package.

Concerned producers looking for specific supplementary feeding advice can contact the Rumenco freephone technical advice line on 0800 833 675.

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