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Rumenco has launched a new feed block to enable sheep producers to finish lambs as quickly as possible off available grass or fodder crops.

According to Rumenco technical manager David Thornton, Rumevite Quality Lamb has been specifically formulated to balance late summer grazing, forage and root crops. It ensures weaned lambs get the extra energy and digestible protein they need to achieve finishing weight and grade.

“There’s plenty of late season grass about, so it makes sense to make the most of it and cash in on the high prices currently being offered for good quality lambs,” he says.

Rumevite Quality Lamb is an 18% crude protein feed block supplemented with available minerals and vitamins, as well as XP yeast, a natural performance enhancer. It is ideal for finishing lambs, but will also help grow on replacements in their first winter.

Feeding cost for the new feed block is just over 14p per head per day, which is comparable to using purchased concentrates, but without the daily feeding hassle or need for troughs. The block system also produces more even batches of lambs and enables better forage utilisation, David Thornton says.

Rumenco recommend offering 6-9 blocks per week per 100 lambs. Flock replacements will need fewer blocks, only 3-6 per week per 100 head.

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