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Rumenco has developed a new Lifeline nutritional supplement formulated specifically for working rams. Lifeline Ram Care draws on the Easicare principles developed by SAC and is designed to promote healthier, fitter breeding stock, the company says.

“The aim of the new Lifeline Ram Care supplement is to produce longer-lasting, hard-working breeding rams with a high mating ability (1:100) that can convert grazed pasture and forages into meat, without reliance on large daily inputs of concentrates,” explains Rumenco technical manager David Thornton.

To promote lean growth and frame development, Lifeline Ram Care provides high levels of undegradable protein to balance the rumen degradable protein found in grass and forages. It also includes XP yeast to improve rumen function and is rich in vitamins and trace elements to balance the shortfalls inherent in forage-based diets.

Additional ingredients include fish oil to boost ram libido and sperm production and motility, as well as organic selenium for improved sperm quality.

“This new bespoke ram supplement now gives sheep producers the answer to effective breeding ram nutrition, and is proven to save time and labour compared with traditional feeding methods. It can also totally replace concentrates for rams when grass sward height exceeds 4cm. When grazing is poor, some concentrates (up to 0.45kg/head/day) may be necessary,” David Thornton says.

Lifeline Ram Care is available in 22.5kg buckets from agricultural merchant outlets. Rumenco recommends introducing the supplement from July to balance the declining nutritional value in grazed grass. Ram lambs should eat 30-50g/day and shearling rams 50-80g/day.

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