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“I’m definitely sticking with Lifeline – it does a great job”. A pretty strong endorsement in
anyone’s language and one sheep producer Antony Glaves is pleased to make.

Antony runs a primarily pedigree flock comprising pure Suffolks, South Downs, Texels
and Beltex sheep at North Lodge Farm, Brompton near Scarbororgh. Half the 400-strong
flock lamb early during January with the remainder in April.

Three years ago lambing was a lot more stressful and not the straightforward operation it
has now become, particularly with the Beltex sheep. “When we first started lambing the
Beltex we had to do a lot of caesareans. The lambs were just too big and the ewes were
not coping at all,” Antony recalls.

“A local contact suggested we try introducing Lifeline buckets alongside hay instead of
the previous supplement and the difference was startling. The ewes lambed much more
easily the following year and although the lambs were small there were strong and full of
life. We were so impressed we started giving everything Lifeline and haven’t looked back

Lifeline Lamb & Ewe buckets are now introduced for all pregnant ewe around four weeks
before lambing. The ewes also receive a zinc supplement to improve hoof condition.

“The ewes are at it all the time, but it also seems to last. They obviously only take what
they need for their own nutrition and that of the unborn lamb. The lambs may not be big,
but birthing does not wreck the ewes and the offspring soon make up the growth
because they are full of health and vigour,” Anthony says.

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