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Andrew Kirby cut the incidence of twin lamb disease, had a far easier lambing season
and produced a crop of livelier newborn lambs after introducing Lifeline Lamb & Ewe for
the first time last year.

Andrew runs a 350 primarily Mule ewe flock with some Texel crosses at his 70 acre all
grass Barstow Hall Farm, Ainderby Steeple near Northallerton. Around 20 Texels lamb
in February with the rest of the flock following in March.

“We start bringing the ewes inside in January – around six weeks before lambing – and
introduce them to their feed supplement. We don’t scan the ewes and in previous years
we have fed standard energy feed bucket, but still ended up with seven or eight ewes
going down with twin lamb disease,” recalls Andrew.

“But last year it was much better after introducing Lifeline Lamb & Ewe for the first time.
Only two or three ewes suffered with twin lamb, lambing was straightforward and there’s
no doubt the lambs were much stronger and livelier at birth. We were delighted with the
success of the new system and will be feeding Lifeline again this year.”

Independent trial work has proven the value of Lifeline, which is the only supplement that
feeds both the ewe and the new born lamb. Research has shown it is possible to
achieve a 25% increase in the IgG content of ewe colostrum if you substitute a standard
high energy sheep bucket with Lifeline.

The immuno-protein IgG is an important measure of colostrum quality that infers passive
immunity to disease in young lambs. As all shepherds know, healthier lambs have
increased feed intake and growth rate, show improved early vigour and general health,
thrive and are less likely to suffer from conditions such as coccidiosis, hypothermia and
mis-mothering. Losses due to predators may also be reduced when lambs are livelier if
born outside.

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