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Specialist feed and mineral bucket supplement manufacturer Rumenco has launched a
new 100kg SUPALyx tub as it rationalises the weight of products in its range to help
merchant warehouse staff and farmers avoid the risk of musculo-skeletal injuries.

The new 100kg mechanical-handling only product replaces the 35kg bucket,
which is being withdrawn in accordance with an agreement reached between the
Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to
eliminate intermediate weight feed products. The popular 22.5kg SUPAlyx bucket
remains available in a newly designed container, but will carry appropriate user handling

“Self-reported work-related injury surveys show that the prevalence rates for
musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) are significantly higher in agriculture than in other
industries such as general manufacturing and construction,” said Rumenco Product
Development and Quality Manager Grant Hunter.

“The manual handling of feed products weighing 26-80kg is now deemed to be
potentially high risk for MSDs, so as a manufacturer it is important that we take
responsible action as soon as possible to remove from sale any products in this weight

The SUPAlyx range offers the merchant trade and ruminant livestock farmers a
portfolio of cattle/sheep supplementary energy, protein and mineral supplement products
formulated for specific nutritional requirements.

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