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As a proven complementary forage supplement that has helped so many sheep
farmers enhance the value of their pasture, hay or grass silage, Rumevite forage
supplement blocks have always been seen as a highly versatile and labour
saving way of feeding ruminant livestock.

But the latest launch of the product is attracting even more sheep producers –
attracted by the highly efficient feeding system and the prospect of cutting
significantly the cost of supplementing winter pregnant ewe rations this year.
A saving of up to £100 per tonne over bucket-based supplements, more
environmentally-friendly packaging, four new products and the introduction of a
versatile, reusable feeder are the key benefits that are now interesting producers
across the UK.

After two years of trial work, Rumenco has revamped the entire Rumevite range
and now offers sheep and cattle producers a range of round forage supplement
blocks that compete directly with molassed buckets in terms of specification,
function and convenience – but at a considerably lower cost.

“Quite simply, in its new reusable feeder, Rumevite cuts out the high cost of
plastic buckets by around £80-£100 per tonne. Reducing plastic and plastic
bucket disposal issues also helps to protect the environment. It’s a win-win offer,”
explains Rumenco managing director Nigel Lyon.

There are now seven key Rumevite products to suit virtually all feeding
situations, including three new products. “All the formulations provide the latest
recommended daily allowances of minerals and vitamins, in addition to energy
and protein to make up shortfalls in home-grown forages. Trial work over the last
two years has also demonstrated excellent palatability and consistent intakes,”
he says.

Rumevite product packaging is already easier to dispose of than empty buckets,
but convenience has now been further improved by an industry first –
incorporating carry handles in the bag to make transportation around the farm
that much easier.

Rumenco has also developed a new, reusable feeder complete with carry
handles, ATV anchorage points, tow points and drainage slots for rapid rain water
dispersal, which cuts feed waste to a minimum. The new feeder and other
equipment options – such as wall/gate and spike feeders – has been made
available as a ‘Rumevite starter pack’ to encourage new users.

“We constantly monitor our product performance at independent institutes and on
our customers’ farms,” Nigel Lyon stressed. “And this latest launch reflects our
commitment to constant innovation in

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