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Rumenco livestock feeds - Rumevite, Lifeline, SUPAlyx, Beetlic


Rumenco has developed a new cattle feeder that keeps forage supplements for
grazing and housed livestock well out of reach of badgers.

The new ‘Badger Beater’ feeder ensures Rumevite blocks, buckets and tubs are
offered to cattle a metre above ground – the DEFRA recommended badger-proof
feeding height. The feeder is also useful for feeding specialist cattle supplements
in mixed grazing situations because sheep are unable to reach the feed.

The feeder is made of durable recycled plastic and is filled with water to prevent
it being knocked over. When full of water the feeder weighs around 200kg so is
for mechanical handling only. Rumenco recommends one feeder for every 30

The new feeder on farm price is £70 and further information is available from
Rumenco on 01283 511211.

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