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New Rumenco appointment for Wales practices what he preaches

Running the family farm for six years has meant that Rumenco’s new area farm representative for north and mid-Wales has gained real life experience of the challenges faced in modern day farming.

“Being a farmer myself, I know full well the state of the agricultural industry, and the difficult market conditions facing us all.”

Sam Taylor has taken the new role at Rumenco to support farmers in his local area, “I’ve found most farmers are willing to embrace a change if it results in efficiencies. They understand there isn’t any point keeping on doing the same thing, hoping that things will get better. It’s all about being proactive.”

Through his new role, Sam is hoping to highlight the benefits of analysing on-farm systems. “My main aim is to show that by making changes, many are able to increase their margins. That’s why I chose to work with Rumenco, they understand the financial challenges farms are facing. I want to be able to show farmers how we can help.”

Sam’s love of the agricultural industry is clear when speaking to him, “We run a mixture of land at home, from mountains to real lowland. We have blue-faced rams in with scotch ewes, producing mules which are then crosses with a Texel. This cross really seems to work for our varied system. We previously supplied pigs for a local butcher, and I’ve also had experience working on beef and dairy units.”

Like many, Sam always knew he wanted a career in agriculture, and finds this new role at Rumenco a perfect fit, “I enjoy being out on-farm, and with this role I get out speaking to farmers, making a real difference.”