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New product launched to support ewes in lactation

Modern ewes are increasingly being expected to produce more milk to ensure lambs finish quicker, in order to improve margins. But lactation is directly linked to high levels of digestible undegradable protein (DUP) being available in diets.  

“With bigger, stronger lambs, many farmers may need to focus on providing greater availability of by-pass protein (DUP) in ewes’ diets post-lambing so lambs aren’t left lacking,” says Rumenco technical manager, David Thornton.

“Ensuring adequate milk supply for lambs allows for quicker muscle growth. With margins tight, high performing, quick finishing lambs are key to many systems. With this demand in mind, we’ve specifically formulated Graze DUP to provide additional DUP to help support milk production.”

“In spring, a grass-based diet often can’t meet the requirements for quality protein (DUP), which is needed for optimising milk output, so there is an argument for supplementing ewes at this demanding time.”

With 16% protein, 80% of this protein being DUP, Graze DUP provides a solution to this shortage for forage-based systems.

“Our new block is suitable for feeding to lambs and ewes immediately after lambing to help support the increased demand for protein that is linked with lactation.

“Where ewes are grazing more than four to five centimetres of fresh grass, this block is able to support and balance the forage-based diet and replace concentrate feeding. We really see this as a step forward in sheep feeding, allowing for supplementation of silages and grass which minimises wastage.

“With average intakes of around 300g per head per day, this equates to a low cost of 6.7p per ewe per day.

“For those targeting quick finishing lambs, ready for the early spring trade, or those not wishing to feed concentrate after turnout, Graze DUP provides a cost effective ideal option,” concludes Mr Thornton.