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Continued growth and development for Rumenco

Developing new business opportunities in animal health, hygiene and nutrition will be top of the agenda for Rumenco’s newly appointed business development manager.

Claire Lalor’s technical knowledge, leadership skills and creative understanding in terms of product concepts will compliment all three of Rumenco’s businesses - Rumenco, Nettex and Progiene – and help deliver continued improvements for merchants and farmers alike.

“My management, strategic planning and technical expertise teamed with my creativity and energy should suit this new role.

“Predominantly I’ll be working on developing new opportunities - not just in the UK - but also in the export markets to help support our existing customers,” says Miss Lalor.

Describing herself as ‘people-orientated’, Miss Lalor has previously worked as a development chemist and later as a sales manager developing business strategy for animal health companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Her previous education, which includes a degree in micro-biology and applied mathematical science, plus a second degree in immunology, means Miss Lalor is highly qualified and suitable for the role.

She adds that she’s keen to face a fresh challenge.  “I’m interested in looking at how we can continue to improve the business, and my experience and knowledge of the industry will be very useful for developing further opportunities.

“Rumenco, Nettex and Progiene are complementary businesses, and my aim is to work with them for all-round benefit. That way, we can look at the complete needs of our customers, and be able to both meet and supply their demands.”