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Rumenco livestock feeds - Rumevite, Lifeline, SUPAlyx, Beetlic



A cost effective solution to help with mycotoxin issues (in particular polar mycotoxins) and minimise the negative effects on animal productivity. 

  • Protects againts low level and single mycotoxin contamination.

  • Optimal solution where specific control against Aflatoxin M1 in milk is required.

How it works

Adsorption: mycotoxins are reduced to a non-digestible mineral matrix and excreted without being absorbed by the animal.

Bio-inactivation: the chemical structure of the mycrotoxins is changed metabolites, which decreases toxicity and may facilitate excretion.

Optimises immune response: normal immune responses may be suppressed by mycotoxins. Inactyvite supports the functions of the animal's systems. 

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