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MAXX Energy

22.5kg / 80kg

Offer MAXX Energy to breeding sheep to help manage body condition if required and to flush ewes before tupping. Introduce MAXX Energy 2 weeks pre-tupping for 8 weeks, by which time fertilised eggs should be safely implanted.

Re-introduce licks in mid to late pregnancy to enhance forage value particularly when grazing conditions are poor or in bad weather. MAXX Energy is also recommended for after lambing and for weaned lambs when grass quality is poor or provides less than 5cm sward height.

Maxx Energy

- The extra high energy level in MAXX Energy helps to offset declining grass digestibility during the grazing season and so helps to maintain performance
- High levels of trace elements and Vitamin E are included to help make good potential deficiencies in grass and forages
- Well-spaced lick placement encourages wider grazing utilisation

 Grow your 2017 Lamb Crop with Rumenco Maxx Energy


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